In their own words“strengthening of grassroots organizations (…) participatory democracy; human rights, training for young people, promoting the rights of women and their empowerment in communities”


ACSUR’s funding is opaque. Some of their funders include AECID (Spanish Developmental Aid), the European Commission, and the regional council Agencia Catalana de Cooperación.


  • Full name: La Asociación para la Cooperación en el Sur (The Association for Cooperation in the South)
  • Works in “Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Palestine, Panama , Peru, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Dominican Republic and in our country (Spain)” and has “over 100 ongoing cooperation for development projects and more than 50 in the field of education for solidarity and alternative communication.”
  • ACSUR is part of the “Grupo de ONG por Palestina” (NGO Groups for Palestine) that is active in the global BDS movement.
  • Support for BDS:
  • Promoted the campaign by PCHR to have Israeli officials arrested in Spain for the targeted killing of leading Hamas terrorist, Salah Shehade.
  • Signed the Bilbao Initiative coordinated by a coalition of Spanish NGOs known as Middle East Without Wars and Oppression Network (MEWANDO). MEWANDO accuses Israel of a “Zionist campaign of ethnic cleansing in Palestine” promotes the “boycott of the Israeli apartheid state.” And uses rhetoric referring to the Israeli politicians as “criminal members such as Matan Vilnai, Defense Vice Minister, openly threaten a Palestinian holocaust.”


Partners with radical NGOs PCHR, Stop the Wall, Ittijah, and the MEWANDO network. Advertised Adalah projects alleging “discriminatory laws” in Israel. (Adalah lists ACSUR as a donor.)

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