Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA)




With a budget of approx. $100,000, HRA receives funds from The Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development (CCFD), France, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Human Rights Project Fund, UK, Global Ministries, Netherlands, ICCO, Netherlands, The Mertz Gilmore Foundation, USA, The Moriah Fund, USA, Oxfam GB, and other sources.


  • Founded in 1988, Nazareth-based Human Rights Association (HRA) is one of the oldest and most-established nongovernmental organizations in the Arab sector in Israel. It is headed by a well-known Israeli Arab politician, Muhammad Zeidan.
  • Claims “to protect the political, civil, economic and cultural rights of the Palestinian minority in Israel and to further the domestic implementation of international human rights principles.”
  • Has an UN/EU Advocacy Project to raise awareness in EU and UN of “discrimination faced by Palestinians living in Israel.”
  • HRA is a member of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN).
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