Galilee Society (GS)




Funding: Israeli ministries of Health, Science and Energy, Israel Cooperative Program (based in the USA), the Israeli Center for Third Sector, Shefa-Amr Municipal ity and Tel Aviv University, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Dutch, Norweigan and church groups.”


  • Founded in 1981 by four health care professionals, it is now the largest Arab NGO operating in Israel.
  • “A Palestinian Arab non-partisan, community-wide, non-governmental organization (NGO)”
  • Goals: “The GS is committed to the achievement of equitable health, environmental, and socio-economic conditions and development opportunities for Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel…the GS fosters and maintains alliances with local, regional, and international bodies from citizens’ groups, municipal and local councils, professional associations, and the National Committee of Arab Mayors to the World Health Organization and UNESCO.”
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