Geneva Call


Founded1998 by Elisabeth Decrey Warner, a former Swiss Member of Parliament (Social Democratic Party) for the Canton of Geneva
In their own words"A neutral organization dedicated to promoting respect by armed non-State actors for international humanitarian norms in armed conflict"


  • Annual Budget: CHF 3.9 million in 2014 (latest available information).
  • No information on spending by country, project, or impact.

Listed Donors (no details on website)

  • City of Geneva
  • Canton of Geneva
  • Australia (AudAID and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)
  • Denmark, France, Italy (Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining – GICHD)
  • Germany (Foreign Affairs and Institute for Foreign Affairs)
  • Norway (embassies of Norway in Lebanon and Thailand)
  • Sweden (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency)
  • Switzerland (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)
  • United Kingdom (embassy in Burma/Myanmar)
  • European Union (Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department through the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action)1


  • Global agenda: Working with numerous armed organizations, including terror groups, encouraging them to sign “deeds of commitment” that respect international humanitarian norms in armed conflict.
  • In 2013, worked with PLO (including Fatah) and other Palestinian factions such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad) in Lebanon to issue a common declaration on the protection of children from the effects of armed conflict and violence in the Palestinian refugee camps.
  • In 2014: Opened a Legal Training Centre for Palestinian National Security Forces.
    According to its website, none of the Palestinian Organizations in Lebanon has signed Deeds of Commitment to respect international humanitarian norms in armed conflict
  • In 2015, released FIGHTER, NOT KILLER: A mobile phone application to raise awareness of the law of war among armed groups.
  • According to its website, Geneva Call works with Hezbollah, but no details are provided other than confirming that Hezbollah did not sign any Deed of Commitment to respect international humanitarian norms in armed conflict.


  1. Geneva Call is not listed on EU’s Financial Transparency System

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