Human Rights First (HRF)


Country/TerritoryUnited States
Founded1978 as Lawyer’s Committee for Human Rights
In their own words“HRF believes that building respect for human rights and the rule of law will help ensure the dignity to which every individual is entitled and will stem tyranny, extremism, intolerance, and violence.”



  • “ HRF protects people at risk: refugees who flee persecution, victims of crimes against humanity or other mass human rights violations, victims of discrimination, those whose rights are eroded in the name of national security, and human rights advocates who are targeted for defending the rights of others.”
  • Following HRF’s participation (as Lawyer’s Committee for Human Rights) in the Durban 2001 NGO Forum, President Michael Posner admitted that the Durban process was disastrous for human rights, stating that “the world needs to continue the global conversation about combating racism…To do this, though, it was clear we needed to address the very racism that marred the Durban meeting:  antisemitism.”
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