Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights (JCSER)




Receives funding from the Finnish government via KIOS.


  • JCSER describe its aim as “to protect and promote the social and economic rights of Palestinians in Jerusalem.” It “systematically challenges discriminatory Israeli legislation, regulations, and practices, which violate basic Palestinian rights in Jerusalem. In practice, JCSER strives to secure and achieve the maximum protection of individual and collective Palestinian rights in Jerusalem realizable under the current circumstances of military occupation.”
  • Involved in extremist political campaigning and incitement. JCSER uses apartheid rhetoric and accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing, e.g. “This measure combined with the Apartheid wall that the Israeli occupation authorities building [sic] around occupied East Jerusalem is a part of illegally annexing the Palestinian city and ethnically cleansing Palestinians from it.” “Israel’s policies and practices in Jerusalem today fulfill key elements of the crime of Apartheid.”

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