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In their own words“A group of feminist women and men, who are convinced that we need not live in a soldiers’ state… We are convinced that we ourselves, our children, our partners, need not go on being endlessly mobilized, need not go on living as warriors.”


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  • 2013 budget of NIS 697,004 (latest available; accessed March 29, 2015).
  • 2013 donors include: Bread for the World (Germany), HEKS/ EPER (Switzerland), The Church of Scotland, American Friends Service Committee, International Peacemakers Fund, Refuser Solidarity Network, Tikvah Grassroots Empowerment Fund (US), Women for Peace Switzerland, Palastina – Rachel Corrie Stiftung (Germany), Quaker Peace and Social Witness (UK), Women to Women and Global Fund for Women (see chart below for funding details).
  • Does not submit quarterly reports to the Israeli Register of Non-Profits, as mandated by the Israeli transparency law, reflecting a lack of transparency and accountability.


  • Advocates for the demilitarization of Israeli society, and provides legal and other support for “refusers” (those who refuse to serve in the military) and their families.
  • While New Profile bemoans that “[m]ilitarism is a prevalent ideology” within Israeli society, it places the blame for this “militarism” on Israel, rather than seeing it as a result of the constant threat posed by Palestinian terrorism, incitement to violence, and the many surrounding enemies that seek Israel’s destruction.
  • New Profile’s work “centers around three main goals: a)  working with youth to create alternatives to the dominant militarist discourse they face in schools; b) raising awareness of Israel’s militarization; and c) supporting young people who chose not to enlist, advocating the rights of conscience and freedom of choice.”
  • Operates a “Legal Aid Network,” providing “solid legal consultation and support for draft resisters and their families… The network coordinates prison visits, consultations and interventions.”
  • In an interview with Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), co-founder Ruth Hiller stated, “New Profile has signed statements in support of divestment and feels it is an important tool in challenging companies and corporations involved in the Israeli occupation of Palestine….The Caterpillar campaign is an excellent example of protesting the link between big corporation, occupation and the militarization of Israeli society.” Hiller has herself signed BDS petitions, including one asking Lenny Kravitz not to perform in “apartheid Israel.”
  • Another radical activist, Sahar Vardi, described the objectives of BDS: “in terms of profit, the real losses will not come from the boycott of products, but from divestment. That’s where the big money is. The last thing I’ll say about the BDS movement is that it’s fun. They’ve started using all these flash mobs and [other] cool activities. It accesses people who normally wouldn’t care. There are huge companies being affected, and [activists] are having fun.”
  • Engages in international advocacy through its “Travel Teams” project, which “send[s] as many different active members as possible” to various international forums and conferences to promote the group’s objectives.
  • Co-founder Haggai Matar is a regular contributor to +972 Magazine, an Israeli English-language blog that promotes the Durban strategy to demonize and delegitimize Israel.
  • Matar was convicted for violating Israeli military conscription law. He often uses false claims and inflammatory rhetoric to attack Israeli policies, referring in one article to “the fast lanes of the apartheid roads meant for Israelis only.”
  • Partners with Israeli NGO Zochrot on events to commemorate the Palestinian “Nakba” [“catastrophe” of the founding of the state of Israel] and in 2008 was part of the “Nakba 60” Coalition that sought to “create a process of deepening awareness and recognition of the Nakba among Israeli public.”
  • On September 15, 2008, the Israeli Attorney General ordered an investigation into New Profile for incitement to avoid military service. According to media reports, the “main reason for the probe’s launch is apparently the fact that New Profile’s web site tells people what to say to IDF mental health officers to create the impression that they are psychologically unfit for service.” The investigation was closed without indictments in October 2009.
  • Networks and Communities” include some of the most highly biased and politicized NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict, including: Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP), Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), Breaking the Silence, B’tselem, Gisha, Hamoked, Physicians for Human Rights- Israel, The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI), Rabbis for Human Rights, Yesh Din, Boycott from Within, Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI), Interfaith Peace Builders (IFPB), Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Code Pink, as well as international NGOs Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and others.
2013 DonorAmount (NIS)
Bread for the World (Germany)210,800
HEKS/EPER (Switzerland)165,047
Global Fund for Women 79,134
American Friends Service Committee73,211
The Church of Scotland30,242
International Peacemakers Fund27,627
Refuser Solidarity Network19,961
Tikvah Grassroots Empowerment Fund18,125
Women for Peace Switzerland 15,962
Palastina - Rachel Corrie Stiftung (Germany)12,804
Quaker Peace and Social Witness8,220
Women to Women6,460

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