Release Date: March 12th, 2008 

NGO Monitor:  State Department too reliant on NGOs in Israel human rights country report

(Jerusalem) – Jerusalem based watchdog NGO Monitor today criticized the reliance on biased human rights NGOs in the US State Department 2007 Annual Report on Human Rights, Israel and the occupied territories country report.  

Although the Annual Report correctly criticizes some of the worst state human rights abusers, such as Iran, Syria and Sudan, the Israel and the occupied territories country report is littered with unverifiable claims by politicized human rights NGOs.   For example, the statement on page 24 that ‘Israeli human rights organizations reported that during the last few years Israeli interrogators used psychological abuse more frequently’ is at best vague and is left unchallenged.  Worryingly, NGO Monitor noted a greater number of citations of specific politicized NGOs such as Mossawa, Adalah and Gisha in comparison to the 2006 country report. 

NGO Monitor’s Executive Director Prof Steinberg commented, ‘Although the annual report provides a useful global picture of human rights, the State Department is too reliant on the evidence of NGOs, such as Adalah and Gisha in its Israel and the occupied territories country report. Although these NGOs are highly politicized and notoriously unreliable in their claims, they enjoy an unjustified halo effect. The State Department must better understand the reality of these biased organizations in order to provide a truly accurate analysis of human rights.’           


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