To Whom It May Concern:

Your latest campaign entitled Pressureworks depicting a Palestinian girl living in Bethleham who was hit in the eye by schrapnel is meant to evoke emotions that have little to do with the true cause of the animosities that are generated between the Israelis and Palestinians. Through misrepresentation, Christian Aid is in actuality lying to their intended audience as well as directly contributing towards escalating the violence in the region.

This young girl is indeed a victim, but a victim of the Palestinian Authority and a culture and religion that glorifies hate and death. There are no subtleties at play in the Middle East conflict — the onus is now completely on the side of the Palestinians to seek peace. Israel sought peace time and again. It was the Palestinians who rejected it — as President Clinton unequivocably pointed out in his recently published biography. But, Christian Aid cares little about political realities.

Christianity has indeed a great deal to teach the Palestinians. They can begin by teaching them that an abhorrent religion is one to be feared and rejected. Christianity, the religion of "love" has proven itself to be anything but loving. This religion of love was a contributing factor towards the Holocaust and towards multiple pogroms that were directed against the Jews over the centuries. Yes, indeed, Christianity is an abhorrent religion — certainly as it has been interpreted by leading Christians in the past, and as it is presently being interpreted by Christian Aid.

Christian Aid can begin by teaching the Muslims that theirs is an equally abhorrent religion — one that by doctrine calls upon its adherents to destroy all who do not fullheartedly accept the prophesy of Muhammed or his Allah’s world-view — a world-view that is devoid of kindness, love, real justice and humanity.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. You care little that the Christian community in Bethlehem is diminishing in leaps and bounds — not due to the Israelis, but due entirely to the Muslim population and their animus towards anybody who is not as they are. And even if they are as they are, they care little about killing each other off.

There is a G-d out there — and there are spiritual consequences to be paid, especially by those who profess to speak in His name.

Sincerely yours,

Marilyn Abramovitz
Montreal, Que.