European governments directly and indirectly provide upwards of $125 million annually to political advocacy NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict. In turn, these NGOs inform EU policy, to the detriment of European policy-making. Many of the funding processes are secretive, lacking transparency and accountability.

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Partnerships for Peace? An Analysis of the European Commission's NGO funding under the PfP Program

Many of the "civil society" organizations funded under the ECs Partnership for Peace Programme (PfP) exacerbate the conflict and promote biased campaigns against Israel. Some NGOs use rhetoric that promotes the Palestinian narrative and demonization of Israel, including "apartheid," "state terrorism," "naqba," "colonization," and "ghettos." The prime activities of some EC-funded NGOs in this framework are focused on interfering with and manipulating Israeli democracy and politics. EC officials claim to receive professional evaluations of the impact of these projects, but such evaluations are not made available for review.


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