On May 25, the French League of Human Rights (FIDH) released a press statement expressing great concern “about the situation in Occupied Palestinian Territory and the Gaza Strip in particular.” Consistent with past approaches, FIDH focuses on condemnations of Israeli actions while barely acknowledging ongoing Palestinian violence. FIDH erases Palestinian violence and corruption — after “firmly condemning…the rocket firing from Palestinian armed groups,” only Israeli self-defensive measures are deemed a “flagrant and serious violation of international law” and constitute “war crimes.” This is another example of FIDH’s abuse of international human rights law to promote a radical political agenda.

In other activity, on June 4, 2007, FIDH presented a position paper to the 5th Session of the UN Human Rights Council. FIDH’s paper equates the on-going genocide in Sudan with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  FIDH calls on “the Council to condemn inter alia the massive human rights violations that have occurred in Darfur and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.” The position paper’s “Occupied Palestinian Territories” section ignores Palestinian terror and the on-going rocket attacks aimed at Israeli civilians. Additionally, the position paper labels Israel’s separation barrier as the “annexation wall” and omits evidence on the sharp reduction in terror attacks since the barrier’s construction.