Al Mezan calls for halt to spread of small arms in PA territories and condemns killing of two Palestinian terrorists

In anticipation of a UN conference on small weapons starting on 26 June, Al-Mezan released a press statement on 29 May, calling for a halt to the spread of small arms in the Palestinian territories and further called on the PNA to "take serious procedures to impose the law, punish those who illegally use weapons, and halt the phenomenon of carrying weapons illegally." The organization also said that the material capacities of the community are being wasted which is preventing investment in the Palestinian economy.

In another press release of 5 June, Al Mezan condemned the killing of two Palestinians, neglecting to mention that both fatalities were members of the terrorist group the Popular Resistance Committees, responsible for numerous terrorist attacks including the launching of Qassam rockets at Israel. One of the fatalities, Majdi Hamed, played a central role in the attempt on 26 April to bomb the Karni goods crossing, which is the main conduit for the crossing of goods between Israel and Gaza. Al Mezan’s statement said that the attack "constitute[s] grave violations of International Law" and said that international community should "intervene to provide protection to civilians and properties and punish those who commanded the military actions and committed war crimes against Palestinians."

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