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The NGOs and the UN Commission on Human Rights: Business as Usual

  • KAIROS – Extremist Attack on Israel in Submission to UN Commission on Human Rights 
    The Canadian group KAIROS claims to focus on humanitarian goals, for which it receives government funds through CIDA. KAIROS also has a history of extreme anti-Israeli political bias. KAIROS’ submission to the Canadian Delegation to the 61st Session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights is another example of this deep prejudice.
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  • Letter from NGO Monitor to Ken Roth (In response to HRW’s statement to 61st session of the UNCHR)
    NGO Monitor welcomes elements of HRW’s statement noting the recognition of the damage caused by the ideological exploitation of human rights norms at the UNCHR. HRW, however, preaches to others while continuing such practices.
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  • Nathan Burstein, "Annan Urges Change in UN Human Rights," Jerusalem Post, April 8, 2005. (No longer available online)
  • Geneva Panel of UN Experts Questions Annan´s Human Rights Reforms
  • NGO Coalition Blasts Syria at U.N. Human Rights Commission


NGOs and the Boycott Campaign

  • HRW and Amnesty Participate in 13 April Day of Action Against Caterpillar
    "Human rights" organizations continue to play a prominent role in the anti-Israel boycott campaign, joining with blatantly pro-Palestinian groups in a 13 April 2005 "Day of Action" against Caterpillar.
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  • "Review of Caterpillar Sales to Israel is Rejected," Reuters, April 13, 2005. (Article no longer available online)
  • Teresa Watanabe, "Jews Target Caterpillar Shareholder Effort," LA Times, April 13, 2005. (Article no longer available online)
  • Eugene Korn, "Stopping Sale of Products to Israel Isn’t Path to Peace," Sun Times, April 11, 2005. (Article no longer available online)



Following the deaths of three Palestinian minors taking part in weapons smuggling, UNICEF’s Deputy Executive Director abandons impartiality and contributes to the Palestinian campaign of disinformation and demonization.
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New Israel Fund 2004 Fellow Shamai Leibowitz: Support for Divestment and Single-State Solutions

Under the twenty-year old Israel-U.S. Civil Liberties Program, the New Israel Fund sends two Israeli Fellows (Jewish and Arab) annually to the American University’s Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C. The declared agenda of the N.I.F. in choosing Fellows is to provide "academic and professional experience to Israeli lawyers specializing in civil rights" in order to create and maintain civil rights leadership in Israel. The 2004 Jewish Fellow is Shamai Leibowitz, who is on record as supporting the economic boycott against Israel and a "one state solution".
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Exchange With NIF on NGO Monitor’s Analysis
The New Israel Fund responds to NGO Monitor’s analysis, disassociating the organization from the radical and extremist views of its 2004 Jewish Fellow, Shamai Leibowitz.
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Michele Chabin, "Dovish Group Stung By Own Grantee," The Jewish Week, April 15, 2005.

Anna Morgan, "New Israel Fund Focuses on Democratic Values," Canadian Jewish News, April 7, 2005.


Christian Aid Continuing Obsession

Christian Aid’s recent campaigns and attacks on Israel are further evidence that the goals of its leadership are primarily political, and not charitable. The barrage of reports, campaigns, press releases and expensive advertisements all presenting strong pro-Palestinian positions, and minimizing terror and corruption, are clear evidence of this obsession.
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Exchange of Correspondence with Daleep Mukarji, Director, Christian Aid
Christian Aid’s Director defends his organization’s record in the Middle East while failing to address the issues raised by an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.
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Exchange of Correspondence with Emanuele Giaufret, Head of the Economic and Political Section, Delegation of the European Commission to the State of Israel

An official from the EU’s Delegation to Israel explains his organization’s funding policies following criticism of EU funding for the ICAHD.
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HRW Hires Researcher from ‘Electronic Intifada

By employing Lucy Mair as a researcher in Israel/Occupied Territories, Kenneth Roth has once again demonstrated his policy of filling Human Rights Watch’s Middle East department with like-minded politicized individuals whose priorities are not in keeping with the promotion of universal human rights values. Ms. Mair’s qualifications include writing for the "Electronic Intifada" and work with Grassroots International, a radical pro-Palestinian political organization.
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Gerald M. Steinberg, "Human Rights Watch Needs Watching," The Jewish Week – New York, March 25, 2005.


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