The Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA) (which has received funding from the European Union via the Partnership for Peace Programme, the UK Government and Oxfam) states that its mandate is "the protection and promotion of international human-rights standards of the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel." However, HRA often exceeds this mandate, using inflammatory language, selective reporting of "eyewitness" testimony and emotionally charged anecdotes to vilify Israel.

Continuing this pattern, in January 2008, HRA launched a "Discrimination Diary", which will feature reports chronicling "the personal stories of Palestinian citizens who have experienced institutional and individual discrimination in their daily lives." The first such report, entitled ‘Little Arafat‘, describes the "humiliating experiences" a sixteen-month old Arab Israeli child and his father encountered while searching for a nursery in which to place the child. After presenting this vignette, the report asserts that "racial discrimination between Jewish and Arab citizens is found in every day life," and draws a parallel between this specific case of alleged discrimination, and HRA’s reporting on Israel’s security barrier (HRA has called the barrier "a gross violation of international humanitarian law and a serious violation of international human rights."