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NGOs Condemn Israel for Citizenship Rules, Ignoring Context and Impact

HRW, AI and Adalah have embarked on a campaign to condemn the Knesset’s an amendment to Israel’s citizenship law. These organizations continue to exercise selective morality in their use of politically loaded terms.
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NGO Monitor Correspondence with HRW

"Your explanations continue the misplaced emphasis on allegations of Israeli human rights infractions, while often denying Israel’s basic right to self-defense. The repetition of HRW’s standard claims to be non-political and non-ideological loses credibility in the face of political and ideological anti-Israel statements"
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Exchange of Letters on NIF Transparency and Accountability

You emphasize that none of the groups supported by NIF have…been declared illegal…[but] this makes them neither moral nor ethical…in the democratic framework of Israeli society…activities that are distasteful, offensive, and unethical are not necessarily illegal.
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