On 6th February, the Church of England Synod voted for "morally responsible investment" in the "Palestinian occupied territories." Christian Aid’s Chair, Bishop Gladwin has been extremely vocal in promoting and then defending this vote for divestment, which is part of an international campaign to delegitimize Israel. This campaign is being led by Sabeel, the extremist Palestinian NGO, and Gladwin is the patron of Sabeel’s UK branch.

>>See "Churches debate pro-Palestinian divestment," Brian Murphy, MercuryNews.com.

Christian Aid is continuing to exploit humanitarian issues to attack Israel. Its activities this month have run counter to the spirit of cooperation expressed after the Charity’s meeting with the UK Chief Rabbi in December 2005. Christian Aid’s press release entitled "Aid cuts will hit Palestinians" on 3rd February 2006 claims that "Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories is the main cause of Palestinian poverty. While aid is a necessary lifeline for the Palestinians, it can only address the symptoms of the occupation rather than bring about a lasting solution to poverty." As in the past, the article lacks proportionality and universality; and there is no mention of terrorism or corruption in the PA or that Hamas is a terrorist organization.



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