Summary:  EMHRN was established to “contribute to the protection and promotion of the human rights principles embodied in the Barcelona Declaration,” part of the 1995 Euro-Med framework “with the overall objective of turning the Euro-Mediterranean basin into an area of dialogue, exchange and co-operation guaranteeing peace, stability and prosperity”.

As previous NGO Monitor reports have documented, EMHRN is a major vehicle for biased attacks against Israel by its extremist NGO partners that exploit the rhetoric of universal human rights.

This process continued on December 7 with the European Parliament presentation of the EMHRN report “Human Rights Review on the EU and Israel – Mainstreaming or Selective Extinguishing of Human Rights?” EMHRN invited representatives from Al-Haq, Adalah and the Public Committee Against Torture to Brussels to publicize the review, originally published in May 2005 and analyzed in a previous NGO Monitor report.

These activities not only damage European efforts to play a constructive role in Israeli-Palestinian relations, but also highlight the crisis in the Euro-Med project. EMHRN’s Brussels coordinator, Sandrine Grenier referred to the EMP as a "failure", while her organization is an important component of this program.

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