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Medecins du Monde & PHR-I Report Not Credible

Abandoning its motto ‘There are no right or wrong victims’, the Paris-based ‘humanitarian medical NGO’ Medecins du Monde has partnered with the highly politicized PHR-I and the Palestine Red Crescent Society to campaign against Israel’s security barrier while ignoring the impact of Palestinian terror. The resulting report lacks credibility and reflects PHR-I’s political agenda.
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"USAID Funding 1 Palestine For Credit And Development"

FATEN – Palestine for Credit and Development has received $6.5 million of USAID funding since 1996. USAID acknowledges that "Between 2001 and the end of 2004, USAID was reluctant to release funds obligated to FATEN because of risks associated with the Intifada." Nonetheless, USAID has resumed funding FATEN. NGO Monitor analyzes this organization.
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Correspondence with HRW in Wall St. Journal

"The Unhelpful Hand: Time to Free the Palestinians From NGOs" – Letter from Sarah Leah Whitson of HRW and response from NGO Monitor in the Wall Street Journal.
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Christian Aid

Who’s Who in Christian Aid

NGO Monitor examines the key decision makers of Christian Aid, providing a list of key quotes and activities related to Middle East politics and ideology among members of this organization’s Board of Trustees and its Director, Daleep Mukarji. As will be seen, while the intensity of the commitment varies, the pro-Palestinian views are consistent, and explain the sharp bias of this organization’s activities.
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Christian Aid Advertises for Middle East Position

Christian Aid is currently advertising for the UK-based position of "Programme Officer for the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel". NGO Monitor hopes that Christian Aid will be open and honest in its selection process.
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Exchange of Correspondence with William Bell, Advocacy Officer, Christian Aid


The ‘Right of Return’ – NGOs Promote Palestinian Position – Part 1

Refugee claims, resulting from the 1947-1948 and 1967 wars, are among the most divisive and intractable issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While the Palestinian political leadership consistently claims a ‘right of return’, others see this as equivalent to seeking the destruction of Israel. In many cases, prominent NGOs that claim to focus on human rights and humanitarian issues have added their voices and formidable resources in support of the Palestinian position on this very sensitive subject.
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BADIL – Promoting Extreme Palestinian Refugee Demands – Part 2

Promoting a politicized and ideological agenda supported by government and humanitarian funding agencies, the BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights is one of the most active NGOs promoting the ‘right of return’. The second part of NGO Monitor’s analysis examines the activities of this and some other Palestinian NGOs on this issue.
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Ittijah vs. NGO Monitor

Ittijah Press Release Regarding NGO Monitor’s Analysis of Special Consulative Status by UN ECOSOC & NGO Monitor Response
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NGO Monitor News Updates

Talya Halkin, "Israel-PA Media Watchdog Launched." (Keshev teams with Miftah) (Article no longer available online)

Stephen M. Marks, "Colleges Battle New Grant Wording." (On Ford Foundation Guidelines)

"UNRWA Head to Step Down," Jerusalem Post. (Article no longer available online)

PHR-I Continues its Political Campaign: "PHR-Israel to the PA: Don’t Let Politics Hurt the Patients," PHR – Israel.

"Yad Sarah Recognized as UN-ECOSOC Advisor; First Israeli NGO to Achieve Consultative Status," Yad Sarah.

David B. Ottaway, "Islamic Group Banned by Many Is Not on U.S. Terrorist List."