The Capital Research Center (CRC), based in Washington, D.C., and established in 1984 to study the advocacy activities of non-profit organizations, issued a report in May on Amnesty International (AI). The study argued that under the leadership of Secretary General Irene Khan, AI has adopted "double standards on human rights, a leftist political agenda, an unrealistic view on armed conflict, and propaganda against America and Israel."

The report also included statistical analysis of AI’s published material from the beginning of 2005 to May 2006. CRC counted the number of news releases, reports, and urgent actions published by Amnesty International for selected countries and calculated the "reports per million citizens" for these countries. (This statistical approach is similar to the one developed and used in NGO Monitor’s analysis of HRW’s activities.) The results show that AI focused on the United States at twice the average global rate, and on par with Saudi Arabia. Israel is the subject of the greatest number of AI publications per million people with fifty-six times more reports per million than North Korea and twenty-five times more than Egypt.



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