"The Funding for Peace Coalition (FPC) welcomes the initiative of the EU to strengthen the credibility of NPOs in their valuable work around the world. We are pleased to submit respectfully our comments to the Commission on the published Draft Recommendations to Member States regarding a Code of Conduct for Non-profit Organisations to Promote Transparency and Accountability Best Practices.

"The FPC welcomes and supports the Commission’s initiative and draft document, while noting that there are certain key elements which require significant strengthening; in particular:

  • The need to combat hatred aimed at inciting terror and violence.
  • The need for NPOs to sign a declaration and maintain an agreed set of standards.
  • The need to recognize violence and declare it as such openly.
  • Sanctions against NPOs and officials who deliberately flout the rules."

Click here to read the FPC Report: Recommendations for a Code of Conduct for NPOs, EUFunding.org, September 18, 2005.

Click here to read the NGO Monitor Statement to EU Commission on NGO Guidelines, September 5, 2005.



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