When NGOs with strong political and ideological agendas are utilized by journalists with the same biases, the combination can be particularly explosive. An usually clear example is found in the case of the BBC radio program "From Our Own Correspondent", broadcast on 28 April, 2005. Guerin’s headline "Palestinians fear for Jerusalem’s future" provides further evidence of her anti-Israel agenda. Beyond the evident bias which essentially ignored the Jewish dimensions of Jerusalem (including the destruction and desecration of the Jewish Quarter before 1967), Guerin included a lengthy interview with ICAHD’s Jeff Halper, who just happened to show up "to admire the view". As demonstrated in NGO Monitor’s report, ICAHD – funded by the European Union under the assumed flag of promoting "human rights" – is essentially a one-man NGO that specializes in demonization and promoting the campaign to label Israel as an "apartheid state". In this blatantly staged interview, Halper was ready to provide Guerin with the appropriate quotes, referring to alleged Israeli land grabs, and invoking the standard Palestinian themes of victimization. This is a blatant violation of professional standards by a journalist, and the exploitation of the rhetoric of human rights for political ends.