Ken Roth repeats myths from last year’s Lebanon war: "Qana Killings one year on"

In an op-ed July 30, 2007 in the Huffington Post, HRW Head Kenneth Roth once again condemns Israel for alleged "war crimes" in last summer’s Lebanon War despite clear evidence refuting his claims:

"Israelis have done much soul-searching about the decision to launch a large-scale military campaign in response to Hezbollah’s border attacks, and much questioning of the military strategy for the war. But when it comes to the question of civilian casualties, the debate has been remarkably superficial…On occasion, Hezbollah forces even deliberately hid near noncombatants to render counterattack more difficult — the war crime of shielding. But these violations do not begin to explain Lebanese civilian deaths."

HRW focuses much more on Israel’s war with Hezbollah than abuses and “sexual atrocities extending ‘far beyond rape’”?

HRW has done little reporting in real time on unspeakable abuses of human rights in several African countries.  One notable example is the Central African Republic (CAR)—a crisis so vicious and bloody that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has initiated proceedings.  The ICC notes that "sexual violence appears to have been a central feature" of the 2002-2003 conflict.   HRW issued a statement in May 2007 praising the ICC for finally tackling these abuses.  Incredibly, however, HRW itself issued no statements on these atrocities as they were taking place. In fact, HRW’s only publication addressing the CAR conflict, prior to May 2007, was published in 2001.  See NGO Monitor’s blog for more information.

HRW condemning US arms transfers to Arab states, Israel

Human Rights Watch claimed that recently announced United States-Middle East arms agreements would undermine US goals in the Middle East: According the HRW’s Washington director, Tom Malinowski, the planned arms deals "will reduce pressure on Egypt and the Arab states to reform their politics…It’s another case of trying to purchase stability at the expense of liberty."