Ha’aretz (January 8, 2008) reported that Ittajah organized a "partially successful Arab boycott of Jewish philanthropists who are visiting the country to learn more about the problems facing Israeli Arabs. The task force, comprised of members of about 70 Jewish organizations from North America and Europe, was set up two years ago to advance social projects and strengthen local Israeli Arab leadership." Ittijah—a radical Palestinian NGO which played a prominent role at Durban 2001, and organized a October 2007 conference to further the anti-Israel boycott campaign—"asked Arab officials to cancel planned meetings with the group because Diaspora Jewry advocates the idea of Israel as a Jewish state." Ittajah also sought assistance from the Islamic Movement (Israel), which joined Ittajah in urging the cancellation of the delegation’s visit to an Islamic Movement pharmacy in Umm al-Fahm. Haaretz also reported that some Israeli Arab leaders condemned Ittajah’s boycott.