Table of Contents:


  • Habitat International Coalition
  • Palestinian Children’s NGOs
  • Palestinian NGOs Refuse to Condemn Terror





    Habitat International Coalition

    HIC provides another example of how the Ford Foundation and European funding bodies support highly politicized human rights NGOs. HIC engages in inaccurate reporting to further the campaign to demonize Israel. This article highlights HIC’s assertion that "Israel’s legal structure guarantees institutional racism".
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    Palestinian Children’s NGOs

    We survey several children’s NGOs revealing how many blend politics and ideology into human rights but how one maintains universal human rights standards and avoids politicization. While it may be difficult for Palestinian children’s NGO’s to maintain neutrality in a politically charged environment, Zeina has illustrated that such conduct is possible.
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    Palestinian NGOs Refuse to Condemn Terror

    USAID has added new guidelines to the standard grant application, ‘Certification Regarding Terrorist Financing,’ binding signatories “not to promote or engage in violence, terrorism, bigotry or the destruction of any state. The largest Palestinian NGO network, consisting of 92 NGOs bitterly opposes this move and refuses to sign.
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