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Human Rights – Watching the Watchers

Careful Giving: Jewish Chronicle Editorial Endorses NGO Monitor Analysis on Tsunami Aid

The Jewish Chronicle’s editorial encourages its readers to give careful consideration before deciding which charities to donate funds for the Tsunami relief effort, focusing, in particular, on the politicized agendas of Christian Aid, Oxfam and Cafod.
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Guide to Charities in the Tsunami Zone
NGO Monitor provides a guide to charities and humanitarian organizations responding to the immense tragedy, distinguishing NGOs that direct their resources primarily to humanitarian concerns, from those that follow a strong political agenda.
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The "Child of Bethlehem" – More Reaction to  Christian Aid


NGO Monitor Funding Update: Ford Foundation

  • Ford NGO Funding Update – Al-Dameer
    The extremist agenda of the Al-Dameer Association of Human Rights demonstrates the need for faster implementation of Ford Foundation guidelines on funding for NGOs that engage in incitement and justification of terror.
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NGO Monitor News Updates

  • "With Ford Cash and New Head, New Israel Fund Switches Gear," Jewish Telegraphic Agency, January 11, 2005
    "The New Israel Fund…is gearing up for new challenges posed by upheavals on the diplomatic and economic fronts…The group, which long has focused mostly on seeding new projects, now also plays a role in longer-term financing through a five-year, $20 million grant provided by the Ford Foundation."
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  • IMRA Takes Issue With Betselem Casualty Figures
    Betselem publishes its 2004 casualty statistics – IMRA highlights a lack of context and challenges the definition of "non-combatants", noting that figures about noncombatant minors include children shielding combatants as they prepare and launch Qassam rockets or shielding gunmen as they engage in battle against Israeli forces.
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Op-Eds and Analyses