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"Ecumenical Accompaniment Program" – Training for Anti-Israel Activists

A number of "human rights" and "humanitarian" NGOs organize internships and visits for activists, who then return to their communities in Europe and North America and join anti-Israel political campaigns, which also promote an extremist Palestinian agenda. The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) is a notable example, and is actively supported and funded by the World Council of Churches, a major supporter of the anti-Israel divestment campaign.
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Amensty International 2004 Report

Amnesty’s 2004 Annual Report: Growing Criticism
On May 25, Amnesty International released its annual report covering 149 countries. As shown in NGO Monitor’s analysis, this report reflects the absence of credible research, the abuse of the rhetoric of human rights, and an overriding political agenda.
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 Interview with Natan Sharansky, Time Magazine 
The criticism of Amnesty’s ideological and political agenda continues. In an interview published in Time Magazine, (June 6 2005), Natan Sharansky noted: "I have very serious criticisms of Amnesty. There is no moral clarity. It doesn’t differentiate between what I call fear societies and free societies…Amnesty International…ends up with reports that show a moral equivalence between…Israel and the terrorist regimes that attack it…Human-rights organizations create an atmosphere in which dictatorial regimes dictate the human-rights agenda of the entire world."
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The Wall St. Journal
ran a second editorial on this issue.

"Amnesty and al Qaeda"
"Natan Sharanksy — a man who actually spent time as a Soviet political prisoner — described Amnesty’s gulag analogy as ‘typical, unfortunately’ for a group that refuses to distinguish ‘between democracies where there are sometimes serious violations of human rights and dictatorships where no human rights exist at all.’"
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New Section of NGO Monitor: NGO Leadership in Anti-Israel Boycott and Divestment Campaigns

The NGOs involved in the 2001 Durban conference articulated the strategy of using boycotts and divestment campaigns to de-legitimize Israel. This strategy is being actively implemented by prominent NGOs such as HRW, Amnesty International, Christian Aid, War on Want, PNGO, and others. This section focuses on sources linking the NGO network to the anti-Israel boycott strategy.
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PNGO Opposes Palestinian-Israeli Cooperation in Health

A large group of Palestinian NGOs and unions related to the medical field registered their "protest and deep concern over the increasing pressure exerted upon us to enter into Palestinian-Israeli cooperation schemes in the sphere of health." This declaration highlights the primary political and anti-Israel agenda of these NGOs.
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Palestinian Authority’s Execution Draws NGO Protests

The Palestinian Authority’s execution of four "convicted murderers" on June 12 led to an unusual number of protests from the NGO network. These included Amnesty International, Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), B’tselem, and the Shurat Hadin Law Center. Amnesty noted that "between 30 and 50 prisoners who are held on death row in Palestinian Authority (PA) prisons are at risk of execution." In addition, the PA routinely executes individuals accused on "collaboration" with Israel.


Report on Human Rights Watch: a Comparative Analysis of Activities in the Middle East 2002-2004

This report focuses on the degree to which HRW addressed the activities of the major countries in the region, using a new quantitative methodology, and demonstrates the extreme emphasis on critical assessments of Israel. In addition, we compare the language of reports in a seven-month sample period during 2004, noting the repetition of certain key terms with respect to Israel (i.e., "violation of international law"). The data used for this analysis is presented in an accompanying appendix and can be easily verified and extended to other periods and countries.
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War on Want

"War on Want" Escalates Political Assault on Israel
War on Want, a registered UK "charity", has launched a new attack in its ongoing campaign against Israel. Using highly inflammatory rhetoric, WoW exposes its extremist political agenda, in alliance with members in the radical political NGO network, while fabricating numerous allegations which are presented at face value.
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