The Goldstone Report apparently documents in detail 36 incidents that occurred during the Gaza War.  In an interview with Bill Moyers on PBS, Goldstone explained his rationale behind the selection:

“We chose those 36 [incidents] because they seemed to be, to represent the most serious, the highest death toll, the highest injury toll. And they appear to represent situations where there was little or no military justification for what happened.”

A list of these 36 incidents is not published in the report, nor is one available on the Mission’s website.  Neither Goldstone, nor the Mission responded to NGO Monitor requests for this information.   The following is a compilation of approximately 30-40 detailed incidents culled from a review of the report:

1.    The Israeli air strikes on the Gaza main prison and on the Palestinian Legislative Council building (paras. 336-373)
2.    Arafat City Police HQ (paras. 398-402)
3.    Attacks on 5 police stations (paras. 403-407)
4.    UNWRA Compound Gaza City (paras. 543-595)
5.    Al-Quds hospital, Tal el-Hawa, Gaza City (paras.596-629)
6.    Attacks on al-Wafa hospital, 5 and 16 January 2009 (paras. 630-652)
7.    The shelling in al-Fakhura Street by Israeli armed forces (paras. 653-54)
8.    Al-Samouni (paras. 706-35). This involves 3 specific incidents.
9.    The shooting of Iyad al-Samouni (paras. 736-744)
10.    The death of Muhammad Hajji in the attack on his family’s house
11.    and the shooting of Shahd Hajji and Ola Masood Arafat (paras.745-754)
12.    The shooting of Ibrahim Juha (paras.755-763)
13.    The killing of Majda and Rayya Hajaj (paras. 764-769)
14.    The shooting of Amal, Souad, Samar and Hajja Souad Abd Rabbo (paras.770-779)
15.    The shooting of Rouhiyah al-Najjar (paras.780-787)
16.    The Abu Halima family case (paras.788-801)
17.    The attack on the al-Maqadmah mosque, 3 January 2009 (paras. 822-43)
18.    The attack on the al-Daya family house, 6 January 2009 (paras. 844-866)
19.    Attack on the Abd al-Dayem condolence tents (paras. 867-885)
20.    The destruction of el-Bader flour mill (paras.913-941)
21.    The destruction of the Sawafeary chicken farms (paras.942-961)
22.    The Gaza wastewater treatment plant, Road No. 10, al-Sheikh Ejlin, Gaza (paras. 962-974)
23.    Namar wells group, Salah ad-Din Street, Jabaliyah refugee camp (paras. 975-989)
24.    The destruction of housing (houses of Saleh Hajaj, of Wa’el al-Samouni, of Khalid Abd Rabbo and of Muhammad Fouad Abu Askar (paras. 990-1007). It is unclear if these are considered one incident or four.
25.    The case of Majdi Abd Rabbo (paras. 1033-1063)
26.    The case of Abbas Ahmad Ibrahim Halawa (paras. 1064-1075)
27.    The case of Mahmoud Abd Rabbo al-Ajrami (paras. 1076-1085)
28.    The case of AD/03 (paras. 1086-1088, 1143-63)
29.    Al-Atatra sandpits  (paras. 1112-26)
30.    Detention and abuse of AD/02 (paras. 1127-42)
31.    Gilad Shalit (paras. 1336-1342) Note: Shalit merits only 6 paragraphs.
32(?). Several cases of Hamas killings of Fatah members (paras 1343-1368). None of the victims is mentioned by name, and the specificity does not approach other incidents.
33(?). Various incidents in the West Bank
34(?). Rocket Attacks on Israeli civilians. No specific incidents of rocket attacks are detailed.
35(?). “Repression of Dissent” chapter lists several incidents.