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Palestinian Affiliates of the ICJ

This report focuses on ICJ’s 3 Palestinian affiliates; Al-Haq; Law; and PCHR. There are no affiliates from Israel. Although all 3 organizations declare a commitment to universal human rights values their reports tell a different tale. 
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Amnesty calls for Washington to review US arms transfers to Israel

Amnesty International immediately cried murder over the death of Rachel Corrie. They ignored an IDF commission and immediately engaged in a political campaign to stop US arms sales to Israel. Such action clearly goes beyond Amnesty’s mandate.
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ISM found guilty of hiding Islamic Jihad Terrorist

A senior member of Islamic Jihad was arrested by IDF troops while hiding in the offices of the International Solidarity Movement. The IDF spokesperson warned: "this is not the first time that terrorists make use of offices and property of international and humanitarian organizations."
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