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CARITAS Rep to Head UN NGO Conference

The UN NGO / DPI Conference has chosen Joseph Donnelly of Caritas Internationalis to head the Executive Committee for its 2005 event despite this organization’s history of strong pro-Palestinian political activism that is inconsistent with its claimed charitable and humanitarian mission.
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Rabbi For Human Rights vs. the Boycott

  • RHR vs. the Boycott
    Writing in The Jerusalem Post, David Forman of Rabbis for Human Rights condemns the decision of the World Council of Churches calling for divestment from Israel, describing it as "The human rights abuse of anti-Semitism." This follows RHR’s July 2004 open letter to the Presbyterian Church on the same issue.

  • Update
    Claiming to be "the only organization in Israel today concerned specifically with giving voice to the Jewish tradition of human rights," Rabbis for Human Rights has previously stated its intent to move its emphasis from a pro-Palestinian agenda to a broader human rights focus. NGO Monitor analyzes whether RHR has achieved this aim.
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ICAHD – EU Funding for One-Man NGO Promoting Extremist Anti-Israel Agenda

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions describes itself as "a non-violent, direct-action group originally established to oppose and resist Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territories." In reality, this is a well-funded blatantly political and ideological one-man NGO, which couches its radical anti-Israel agenda and demonization in the rhetoric of human rights.
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Christian Aid

Christian Aid Uses Charity Funds for Anti-Israel Political Advertisements

Drawing upon simplistic and emotional language and imagery, a prominent advertisement from Christian Aid on the front page of The Guardian sees this organization again using its considerable "charitable" resources to promote a political message focused on Israel’s security barrier against Palestinian terror attacks.
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Our Enemy is Poverty

Writing in the Jewish Chronicle, Christian Aid Director Daleep Mukarji defends his organization’s policies towards Israel, while failing to address Christian Aid’s continuing politicized activities and agenda. NGO Monitor responds.
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Update: NIF’S Ongoing Support for Radical NGOS

The New Israel Fund’s 2004 report reflects important changes, including the end of support for some extremist NGOs involved in the Durban conference. However, the record of many political NGO’s still receiving support from NIF shows a continued use of the rhetoric of demonization that goes far beyond legitimate criticism of Israeli policies.
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Medicins du Monde / PHR-I Repor Featured in British Medical Journal

A Medecins du Monde / PHR-I report analyzed by NGO Monitor and found to lack credibility is featured in the British Medical Journal. NGO Monitor responds.
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Monitoring Oxfam GB Recruitment

Oxfam GB has announced a vacancy for a research assistant whose job will be to "maintain and strengthen links with Israeli Civil Society Organisations", also including requirements for someone who is "enthusiastic and committed to OGB’s goals" and a "desire to bring about regional peace". As a registered charity whose ostensible primary goal is humanitarian assistance, rather than the complex and often ideological agenda of "peace making", this vacancy description, in itself, further reinforces the questions regarding Oxfam GB’s activities in the region.
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NGO Monitor News Updates

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Dan Izenberg, "State Condemns ICJ Fence Ruling as ‘Biased’." (Article no longer available online)

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Dan Izenberg, "Knesset Debate on UN Special Rapporteur’s Analysis of IDF Actions in Gaza." (Article no longer available online)