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Christian Aid’s (UK) Principles Compromised by Anti-Israel Ideology

Christian Aid has compromised its noble aim of seeking to eradicate poverty by aligning itself with highly partisan NGOs, contravening their own mission statement. Christian Aid needs to review relationships with anti-Israel partners and modify anti Israel rhetoric.
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UNICEF Funding Political Activities  (Also appeared in March 2003 Digest Vol.1 No.5)

PYALARA has won generous support from UNICEF who chose the NGO as "a major strategic partner in Palestine." Although PYALARA was founded as ‘a non-political organization to provide support to young Palestinians’ it openly vindicates Palestinian terrorism.
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NGOs Misuse the UNCHR, to Target Israel AI and HRW criticize UN Commission on  Human Rights for growing politicization

As the UN Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) finished its annual session, a number of NGOs concluded that the Commission has further deteriorated in its commitment to its mandate to promote and protect human rights worldwide.
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