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Special Edition: 07 June 2004 HRW needs transparency and accountability in hiring

In May 2004, Human Rights Watch issued employment announcements related to the Middle East. Given HRW’s emphasis on the Israeli-Arab conflict and political basis of HRW officials as documented by NGO Monitor, this screening process and outcome will receive careful examination. Only a fully transparent and accountable process will help to repair HRW’s credibility.
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Special Edition: 27 May 2004 Selective use of International Law: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and other NGO’S on Israel’s Rafiah Operation

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NGOs Denounce Israeli Disengagement Plan

Following a pattern of behavior demonstrated at the 2001 Durban conference, "human rights" NGOs adopted the Palestinian agenda, and joined the campaign against US President Bush’s support for Israel’s proposal to withdraw from the Gaza Strip.
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Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) – An EU-Funded Political NGO

NGO Monitor has previously analyzed the role of humanitarian and human rights organizations that focus (or claim to focus) on medical and health-related issues. (‘Political Humanitarianism’).
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Ford Foundation Update

Despite Ford’s commitment to review funding for NGOs and to halt support for those that exploit human rights and humanitarian claims in order to engage in Durban-like demonization of Israel, a number of Ford grant recipients continue to promote an anti-Israel agenda.
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Oxfam Update

The British branch of Oxfam deviated again from claims to be non-political by attacking Israel anti-terror policies and the British government’s support for these actions.
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Additional NGO Monitor Notes and Links

1) Internal Violence Within Palestinian Authority Areas – The Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group reports on the proliferation of weapons within the PA areas and the consequent internal violence and human rights violations prevalent between Palestinian groups and individuals. (Source: MEMRI, 9 May 2004)
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2) Corrupting USAID’s Mission – As NGOs become more political, it may no longer be appropriate for USAID to give them funding for development projects. The Sphere Code of Conduct states: "Aid will not be used to further a particular political or religious standpoint." For this and other reasons, it may be time for USAID to re-evaluate the process through which grants are given to NGOs. (Source: NGO Watch, May 2004)
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