Three Palestinian NGOs erase the context of terror in condemning Israel’s military activities in Gaza as criminal and brutal. World Vision issues neutral comment on both conflicts in Gaza and Lebanon

Israel’s military operation in the Gaza strip has also continued after the abduction of Corporal Gilad Shavit on June 25. Since NGO Monitor’s previous report, NGOs have made further political statements which erase the context of Palestinian terror activities, including the ongoing Qassam rocket fire from Gaza.

  • On June 28 Sabeel, a Palestinian NGO which has led the campaign for divestment from Israel, issued a press release stating that "Palestinian prisoners deserve the same rights as political prisoners around the world…Taking Israeli soldiers captive has become the only way to force the release of prisoners." This strident statement is not consistent with Sabeel’s declared platform of non-violence.
  • Al Mezan released a statement saying on August 7 "Al Mezan… highlights that the huge loss in life and property evidence the prior intent and deliberate nature of IOF killings and destruction. Al Mezan confirms that the IOF have committed war crimes violating the texts of international humanitarian law." Al Mezan does not mention the captured Israeli soldier, or call for his release, and removes all context from the IDF operations in Gaza.
  • Al-Dameer, a Palestinian NGO which receives funds from the UN, the Ford Foundation and the International Commission of Jurists among others, issued a press release on July 16 stating that the "international community is conducting a mute conspiracy and encourages the Occupation Government to commit more crimes." Its statement made no mention of Palestinian violence or Qassam rocket attacks and did not call for the release of Shalit.
  • World Vision International (WVI) issued a statement on August 10. WVI said that it "grieves for all victims of the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, be they Lebanese, Israeli or Palestinian…Israeli civilians in the North of Israel, Palestinian civilians in Gaza and Lebanese civilians are caught under a terrible threat to their lives."