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Betselem: The Ambiguous Boundary

Although Betselem has an openly political agenda and is technically outside NGO Monitor’s mission statement, this analysis is important in illustrating the degree to which the ‘information chain’ of NGOs is prone to exploitation for political aims, and in noting the lack of accountability in government funding of political NGOs, particularly in the case of the EU.
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NIF & Political Advocacy

The New Israel Fund is particularly active funding certain NGOs in the Arab Sector in Israel. The activities of these NIF-supported NGOs, however, have gone far beyond the scope of their mission statements. A professional and independent review of the counter-productive agendas supported by NIF would redress this basic failure and restore credibility to the organization.
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HRW & The Fence

Human Rights Watch’s statement calling on the U.S. government to penalize Israel for constructing the separation barrier is the latest in a series of highly unbalanced, incomplete and politically motivated attacks on Israeli policy in the name of human rights. Most of HRW’s statement is again based on claims made by Palestinian political organizations with only token reference to the legitimate security concerns and impact of terror on this Israeli policy.
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