The Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO), comprising 99 Palestinian NGOs, which played a key role in the infamous 2001 Durban Conference, continues to call on its members to refuse any grants awarded by USAID.  In a January 11, 2006 interview with the Media Line, a PNGO coordinator stated that it considers USAID’s restrictions on dealing with members of terrorist organizations as intended to “’create internal conflict among Palestinians….The USAID’s conditions for funding … are unacceptable. They are telling us what to do and they interfere in internal politics.”  

The USAID website states that it donated $705,442m (2002-2006) to the PA. USAID has taken consistent measures to avoid the abuse of humanitarian funding for politicized objectives through its "Certification Regarding Terrorist Financing," which lists a range of commitments required from NGOs that operate in the West Bank and Gaza.  Europe has failed to develop similar guidelines for NGO funding.