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Latest Amnesty Report Grossly Unbalanced

A survey of the major human rights NGOs shows the majority have ignored the latest wave of suicide bombings against Israeli civilians. Amnesty was an exception and issued a short condemnation of the first bombing. However, this was swiftly followed by a much larger and grossly unbalanced attack on Israel and total silence on two subsequent large-scale bombings.
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Misuse of EU Funds

The EU promises to fund ‘human rights and democracy projects as a means of ensuring international stability.’ Particularly generous resources have been allocated to humanitarian NGOs operating in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. NGO Monitor’s analysis, however, provides evidence that a large proportion of these funds have been allocated to pursue a narrow anti-Israel ideological agenda designed to delegitimize Israel.
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ISM – A False Legacy

For many, the International Solidarity Movement’s blatant support for Palestinian incitement and rejectionism is the antithesis of a human-rights organization. Charges of harboring terrorists, endangering the lives of foreign ‘peace volunteers,’ and sabotaging sensitive military operations have prompted the Israeli government to limit the activities of members of this organization. The Israeli Chief of Staff even singled out ISM as a direct threat to his soldiers’ lives.
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