• "Human Rights Watch & Israel: An Exchange," Seymour Feshbach, Reply by Aryeh Neier, The New York Review of Books, December 21, 2006
  • "The Credibility Watch," New York Sun Editorial, October 19, 2006.

    "Neier assumes a moral equivalence between Hezbollah and Israeli killing of civilians in the struggle in Lebanon. He treats as idle or irrelevant the explicit Israeli policy of minimizing civilian casualties versus the Hezbollah policy of deliberately firing rockets at civilian enclaves."

  • Little Green Footballs blog criticises HRW:

    "Notice how Human Rights Watch says this despicable tactic is a "war crime," then concludes that Israel’s only option is to surrender to it. Welcome to the topsy turvy morally equivalent world of the transnational left, where "humanitarian law" gives the advantage to the most ruthless and unprincipled."

  • Kenneth Anderson of Washington College of Law and the Hoover Institute on HRW and the human rights NGO community

    "I have grave concerns about where the human rights movement is headed – on a general perception that NGO movements, … often get trapped in a kind of spiral toward more and more extreme views, trapped in a certain rhetoric that eventually leads over a cliff – I still regard HRW, for the difficulties it clearly has, as the most credible of the human rights monitors. Amnesty International has clearly gone over the cliff; …. It’s not merely an organization or a movement that is at risk – it is the credibility of human rights itself."

  • HRW Executive Director Ken Roth, and NY Sun’s Ira Stoll continued their heated public debate over HRW’s coverage of the August 2006 Lebanon War, on the Billy O’Reilly show, August 8, 2006.

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