BADIL, which leads the subversive Palestinian political campaign for the "right of return" and is active in anti-Israel incitement, applied for accreditation with the UN Economic and Social Council. Such status gives NGOs a platform to submit reports to delegates and take part in various official activities. As noted in NGO Monitor’s report and analysis of BADIL its extremist anti-Israel political agenda is incompatible with universal human rights norms. The NGO Monitor report on BADIL was circulated among the members of ECOSOC, reflected in the questioning and discussion, and contributed to the decision to defer BADIL’s application. According to press reports, "…Germany’s representative asked if the NGO had ever dealt with the issue of terrorism. The representative of Cuba wanted to know if the organization made a distinction between terrorism and national liberation movements, while the representative of the United States asked the organizations position regarding the land issue between Israel and Palestine. The Observer of Palestine voiced strong support for the application."