• ”Radical European NGOs promote anti-Israel EU report on Jerusalem”, ECCP, December 21, 2005.
    Issuing a joint statement, several NGOs, lead by Belgian Senator Pierre Galand “defied the refusal of EU Ministers to publish a report compiled by their own diplomats regarding Israeli violations of international law with regard to East Jerusalem”. The 30 NGOs supporting the statement also included BADIL, Friends of Sabeel UK; the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), and War on Want.

  • French group announces conference in Jerusalem to promote NGO role, “solidarity”.
    The Centre de Recherche Français de Jérusalem (CRFJ) announced a conference on April 24-25, 2006, for Israeli and Palestinian graduate and doctoral students. “Collective action is anchored in all kinds of solidarity, social and territorial roots, as it mobilizes diverse forms of action dependant on internal strategies as well as on political opportunities.” The conference will include sessions on “Israeli left wing organizations contesting the Israeli politics in the Palestinian Territories”, “The case of NGOs expertise against public policies” and “The judiciarisation of political claims among the Arab minority in ”. Additional information can be obtained from CRFJ’s Elisabeth Marteu (emarteu@hotmail.com">emarteu@hotmail.com).

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