The following information is an addition to NGO Monitor’s analysis of KAIROS published on December 8, 2009

Palestinian Claims Regarding “Right of Return”
  • This is a highly controversial issue, in which KAIROS has taken a position that generally conforms with the Palestinian demands. According to KAIROS, millions of Palestinian refugees are entitled to a “right to return” (KAIROS website, “Middle East policy”): “Given that Palestinian refugees now number in the millions, their return to Israel might seem an impossibility. Nevertheless, their right to return must be honoured, though its implementation could include alternatives for those refugees who would find them acceptable and fair.”
  • This confused and one-sided political advocacy, on an extremely complex issue, is inconsistent with KAIROS’ status as a humanitarian aid organization funded by the Canadian government.
Palestinian Narrative on the Peace Process
  • KAIROS claims that UN Security Council resolutions “require Israel to withdraw to its borders as they were on June 4, 1967. They also require Arab countries and other parties to accept Israel within those borders. Over the years there have been very substantial indications that the second requirement has been met. The first requirement has not been met.”
  • This analysis is factually inaccurate, and tendentiously implies that Israel alone is responsible for continued conflict in the region. Additionally, KAIROS’ interpretations of the relevant UN resolutions are highly controversial.
One-state solution
  • Although KAIROS’ September 2002 policy paper suggests that a “sustainable and just peace requires” a two-state solution, its summary webpage adds that “at some point in the future this may take the shape of one bi-national state for two peoples.”