An April 2, 2008, World Health Organization report, "Access to Health services for Palestinian People," called Israeli policy restricting Gazan entry into Israel for treatment, "inhumane." It repeats false NGO claims of "collective punishment", and erases the context of Palestinian terrorism and past examples in which Palestinians exploited medical access to carry out terror attacks.

The WHO report describes five detailed cases and contains 32 "brief presentations" of patients who died waiting for permits for treatment outside Gaza.

The IDF Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration responded that many of the detailed case studies were "completely wrong" – 2 patients were treated in Israeli hospitals and 3 were granted permits which were not used due to internal Palestinian considerations

NGO Monitor’s analysis found that of the 32 "brief presentations," 27 cited sources for the claims. 15 cases were based entirely on the allegations of PCHR (funded by the EU and Ford Foundation). As NGO Monitor has shown, PCHR ‘s primary activities are political. This NGOs presses an anti-Israel agenda in the media and international organizations, and its reports condemning Israel policy often lack credibility due to their blatant one-sided removal of the context of terror, and disregard of human rights abuses committed against Israeli civilians.

The politicized NGO PHR-I was used as the only source for 5 case studies. NGO Monitor research has consistently shown PHR-I’s political activities under the facade of human rights and humanitarian rhetoric. This NGO’s repetition of unverified Palestinian claims, and its double standards in the assessment of human rights violations, illustrates the primacy of its political objectives, and makes it a highly questionable source.