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We are radiologists and doctors, who spend our lives interpreting images to diagnose and treat the ill. We are also informed people and rely upon scientific journals such as The Lancet in order to stay informed. We have worked in Israel and have treated tens of thousands of patients – Jews and Arabs alike — for years.

In keeping with our ethics and practice, we denounce the July 23, 2014 publication in The Lancet Early Online Publication of the piece authored by “Manduca, Chalmers, et al.” This “article” was not only non-scientific, but inflammatory and political as well. There is no place in any medical and scientific journal for such slanted and politically charged drivel.

We were flabbergasted that such an established Journal as The Lancet, under the auspices of Elsevier Ltd, would print an article written by Mads Gilbert, who was quoted in 2001 as supporting the terrorist acts of 9/11 against the United States, and when asked whether or not he supports terror acts, responded “Terror is a poor weapon, but my answer is yes, within the context I have mentioned.”

But enough about Mads and his madness.

As we write, our Israel Defense Force soldiers are yet again holding back their defensive “aggression” in order to allow medical and humanitarian aid through to the same strip of land from where these rockets are originating.

The authors of this unfortunate “article” left out the fact that Gaza has been Judenrein for almost ten years — no army presence — and not one Jew on the soil of Gaza since 2005. So it surprises us to wake up one morning to the sound of sirens wailing and missiles falling in our backyards, all fired from this same strip of land.

The field hospital that was set up by Israeli physicians and medics of the IDF to welcome wounded Gazans has saved the lives of hundreds of wounded women and children – a fact omitted by our colleagues.

We are urging the informed Lancet reader not to be complicit in this crime against the intellect and not to subscribe to the mindless and hateful hokum of these terrorist sympathizers, which has so unfortunately been published by The Lancet. We urge The Lancet not to publish this internet letter in print, as not to insult our humanity, intelligence, and dignity. This literary massacre committed against The Lancet’s integrity highlights the impotence of the scientific community to adhere to the Hippocratic Oath it swears to “preserve the purity of my life and my arts.”