On September 5, 2010, NGO Monitor completed a report entitled “Trócaire’s One-sided Approach and Calls for Anti-Israel Sanctions” (published September 20, 2010), and sent an advance copy to Trócaire for comment. Trócaire’s response, from Director Justin Kilcullen, is included below (click here for PDF of original letter).

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1. NGO Monitor’s letter to Trócaire, requesting comment on a forthcoming report

Mr. Justin Kilcullen

RE: For your attention and comment: NGO Monitor report on Trocaire

Dear Mr. Kilcullen,

Please find the attached draft of a report by NGO Monitor, entitled “Trócaire’s One-sided Approach and Calls for Anti-Israel Sanctions,” which examines Trócaire’s recent activities, reports, and partners in Israel, Gaza, and the Palestinian Authority.

NGO Monitor plans to publish this document on September 15, 2010. Please provide any comments or additional information that you might have before that date.


Naftali Balanson
Managing Editor
NGO Monitor

2. Trócaire’s response  


15 September 2010

Dear Mr. Balanson,

We have received the copy of your recent report on Trócaire. Once again we have to reject the contents of the report, which is selective in its references to our work and misrepresents the position of our organisation on many issues. We draw your attention to the reference to the article by Justin Kilcullen in the Irish Times in relation to Gaza. In the interests of balance we must ask you to include the following link to that article so that your readers may make their own judgements on its merits. (http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/opinion/2010/0621/1224272949751.html)

Furthermore we would like to clarify your statement that Trócaire’s positions are contrary to that of the Irish government. Trócaire’s status as a nongovernmental organisation, operating independently of the Irish government, is not only recognised by the government, but encouraged and valued. In Ireland, as in most democracies, development agencies are not prescribed by the rules for engaging in development or human rights activities, but rather have well-established relationships with government based on mutual respect, transparency and accountability.

Finally we take this opportunity to once again spell out Trócaire’s vision; we envisage a just and peaceful world where people’s digntiy is ensured and rights are respected; where basic needs are met and resources shared equitably; where people have control over their own lives and those in power act for the common good. Trócaire’s support is offered regardless of race, gender, religion or politics and in a spirit of solidarity.

As for the situation in Israel and Palestine, we believe that a just and lasting peace can only be achieved through respect for international law and human rights. This is the best and only way to provide for Israel’s long term security.

Yours sincerely,

Justin Kilcullen