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"Marc Garlasco just returned from three-and-a-half weeks in Gaza City. He entered via the Egyptian border and rented an apartment, then began crisscrossing Gaza to document atrocities for Human Rights Watch. ‘We saw lots of places burned to the ground by white phosphorus — people just burned to death,’ he told me recently over breakfast at a New York diner. ‘Human shielding on both sides — the Israelis would take Palestinians and put a gun on their shoulder and go through a building to clear it. White-flag killings — people coming out of their homes with white flags and they would just get popped. There were a lot of problems with drones — the kids would get stir-crazy and their parents would say go play on the roof, and they go up on the roof and the drone pops them. Just doing a quick review, there were something like twenty-five kids killed by drones.’"