Amb. Vivian Bercovici

From January, 2014 until June, 2016, Vivian Bercovici served as Canada’s Ambassador to Israel. Appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, she quickly established a reputation as a highly engaged, articulate, and personable diplomat and a very effective advocate for the strong Canada-Israel relationship.

Prior to serving in this role, Vivian practiced law in Toronto for 24 years, focusing on financial services, First Nation negotiations, and defamation law.

Vivian has also served on several community organizations and boards, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

She is an international speaker on a range of political, social and economic issues related to Israel, and consults on cyber and fintech issues.

She is also the Managing Director of Nuuvera Israel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toronto-based Nuuvera Corp., a company focused on cannabis innovation globally.

Vivian is a senior fellow at the Jewish People Policy Institute in Jerusalem and an Executive Fellow with the University of Calgary School of Public Policy.

She is a regular columnist in The Jerusalem Post.

Vivian resides in Tel Aviv with one of her two young-adult daughters. She speaks Hebrew very well.