Season 3, Episode 5: Vaccinating Palestinians: Israel or the PA?

As Israel has lapped the rest of the world in vaccinating its public against COVID-19, NGOs have smeared the country for not similarly vaccinating Palestinians. What- if any- responsibilities does Israel have towards Palestinian healthcare? How do these NGO claims square with international law and signed agreements between Israel and the Palestinians? Join our host Yona Schiffmiller and NGO Monitor Legal Advisor Anne Herzberg as they delve into these questions.


Season 3, Episode 4: Foreign Aid, NGOs, and Terror Ties- Reshaping Policy

On December 10, NGO Monitor held our annual conference under the banner of “Terror Leaders as Human Rights Activists – Exposing the Façade.” The conference focused on the ties between NGOs and known terrorist organizations, and our research on the numerous organizations currently receiving taxpayer support that have direct affiliation to terrorist groups. Join one of our panel discussions on “Humanitarian Aid, NGOs and Terror- Reshaping Policy” with NGO Monitor Vice President Olga Deutsch, Member of European Parliament Niclas Herbst, and Former Deputy Administrator at USAID Bonnie Glick.