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In a video that has gone viral, a young Palestinian approaches two Israeli soldiers. She hits, prods and slaps them. She is trying to provoke a reaction that will be caught on camera and show the ugly violence of the Israeli army. The soldiers respond with professionalism and restraint, and ignore her attack.


[Opinion] #InternationalHumanRights?

During the past decade, social media has emerged as a primary tool for activists hoping to drive change on a wide variety of topics. Although savvy social media use can help raise awareness for a given issue, more often than not, even viral messages are largely empty gestures.

[Opinion] Human rights defenders, or offenders

December 10 marks International Human Rights Day—a date that honors the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948—and as such, recognizes the universal value of human rights. Unfortunately, those prestigiously honored as human rights defenders by the international community have made a mockery of these universal values of human rights.

The Lancet: How an Anti-Israel Propaganda Platform was Turned Around

Professor Steinberg takes a close look at the history of The Lancet’s anti-Israel narrative, the role of Horton and other key players, and the processes and factors by which this role was brought to an end. The Lancet is one of the most influential medical journals in the world, and for many years, was used as a major platform for anti-Israeli demonization campaigns under the façade of science and medicine.