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Europeans Fund Anti-Israel Libels

Gerald Steinberg maintains that European government funding has enabled Israeli NGO Zochrot to transform from a fringe political NGO to a major media attraction whose highly partisan and false agenda is accepted at face value by international journalists.

The Myth of Ethnic Inequality in Israel

Boycotts, Divestment, Sanctions and the Law

When International Law Blocks the Flow: The Strange Case of the Kidron Valley Sewage Plant

The Role of NGOs in the Palestinian Political War Against Israel

The Politics Behind Corporate Complicity Lawsuits

Kiobel and Corporate Complicity- Running with the Pack

Boycotts, Bias and Politics in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

International NGOs, the Arab Upheaval, and Human Rights: Examining NGO Resource Allocation

Human Rights Watch Protects the Arab Tyrants

Often referred to and quoted as a "highly respected human rights organization," HRW´s publications and submissions to various official bodies are all too often immediately accepted and repeated without a perceived need for independent verification.

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