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NGOs:Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS)
Start date:1 Jan 1988
End date:Feb 2023

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A Clouded EU Presidency: Swedish Funding for NGO Rejectionism

On July 1, 2009, Sweden will assume the presidency of the European Union. Swedens role in funding numerous NGOs that pursue radical political agendas, including rejecting any form of normalization with Israel, fuels the conflict. Diakonia international law project that uses distorted and misleading interpretations of international law. Funding for the AIC, PCHR, and Al-Haq. Sabeels Nakba Memory program. Other NGO grantees use apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and massacres rhetoric. Many NGOs receive Swedish funding from multiple sources, raising questions about administrative procedures and oversight.


Showing 11-11 of 11