Clarifying the Record on Israel’s Recent Terror Designations: A Response to Lieblich and Shinar

On October 24, Eliav Lieblich and Adam Shinar published a post on Just Security that critiques Israel’s 2016 Counterterror law and downplays or ignores several facts that are not only necessary to consider in order to evaluate the specific case at issue fully, but also when examining the merits of the Israeli legislation more broadly.


“Gaza is Palestine”: NGOs and Rep. Tlaib Push BDS

On October 7, 2021, the “Gaza is Palestine” campaign will host a virtual event featuring Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and a number of BDS activists. These include individuals who have celebrated violence against Israelis. The campaign seeks to halt US military assistance to Israel and is spearheaded by pro-BDS NGOs.


Support for Terror by Belgian Ministry of Development Cooperation Employees

Disturbingly, some employees of Belgian Ministry of Development Cooperation, responsible for reviewing, approving and distributing international aid, have previously expressed support for acts of violence and praised Palestinian terror on their social media accounts. Several of these government employees’ posts include violent and antisemitic imagery.