NGO Monitor Launches its New Policy Paper in the Bundestag

June 06, 2024

The atrocities of October 7th reflect pervasive radicalization in Gaza and the West Bank. Development funds have been diverted and misused to construct terror tunnels and military infrastructure. School textbooks contain antisemitic and anti-Israeli material. Hamas enriches itself at the expense of the civilian population and has held hostage the people of Gaza since 2007. Even UN organizations have connections to terrorist groups.

Now is the time to act. The German government is the second largest donor to the Palestinians, and this strategic relationship must now be leveraged. A reordering and recalibration of development aid, in particular in a post-war scenario, must focus on concerted deradicalization of Palestinian society. The German government has the capacity to make a decisive contribution, and turn aid into a proactive agent so that supported projects renounce violence and promote coexistence.

Germany’s commitment to Israel’s security must also be applied to development and humanitarian aid. Public funds must not be used and misappropriated to promote antisemitism and hatred, violence, and terror against Israel.

The path to a peaceful, secure region is long, but the reconstruction of Gaza must mark the beginning of a paradigm shift in development cooperation. The status quo is not an alternative.

In this report, NGO Monitor, IMPACT-se, and DIG offer concrete recommendations for policymakers on how to improve transparency, vetting criteria, accountability, and oversight, as prerequisites for recalibrating development aid for the Palestinians. The aim is to promote peaceful coexistence; support genuine human rights advocacy; and decisively combat hatred, terror, and antisemitism. By providing best practice examples from the USA and other European countries, the report demonstrates that improvements are both necessary and possible at all stages of development cooperation.

In addition, NGO Monitor prepared a series of four reports on German funding to NGOs in the aftermath of the October 7th massacre. They focus on Palestinian NGOs’ statements following the attacks – including justifications and celebrations, the NGOs behind ICC and ICJ lawfare campaigns, and cooperation between UN agency recipients of German funding and their terror-linked NGO partners.



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